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I am all in for the Kids!

I have worked with youth and teens, in and out of public and private schools since 2007, with 4 of those years in the non profit sector (in the USA Panama, Uganda and Kenya) all positions focusing on the well being and or education of youth. My specialties include working with teenagers in a counseling and coaching setting, as well as supporting students with improving their reading skills. 

I offer Guidance & teaching for youth, support for parents, and  support for home schooling teachers:


  • Summer Reading Tutoring Package

  • World & Homeschool Teaching & Support Package

  • Project Based Learning Package

       Price: $600

(All packages include: An intake session, customized curriculum, weekly  1:1 sessions,  a virtual classroom)Homeschooling & Tutoring:

Are you home schooling your kiddos and need virtual support? I create personalized online classrooms and can offer support with teaching, lesson planning, and integrated curriculums. 

  • Early Childhood - 4th Grade

  • 4th - 8th English Language ArtsK-12th English as a Second Language

  • Dyslexia (Wilson Language Training)










Parent Support Speciality

What do you need support with? Let me know, I am here for you... (from counseling / lesson plan creation /  parent support group pod / "help me understand my child" sessions... whatever it is that you need!)


Guidance & Counseling:

I feel this is my true calling... how can one expect anyone to listen, learn, and understand if their head and or heart is confused, or blocked? Counseling sessions are tailored to the needs of you and or your child (style may include: play therapy, client centered counseling, and or somatic guidance). I specialize in, and have counseled youth with anxiety, depression, single parent household, foster youth, military youth, autistic youth (verbal), times of transitions, as well as self harm, suicide ideation and attempt.

*** I am not a licensed therapist. I cannot diagnose or prescribe treatment for mental health wellness***

**** I can administer a mental health wellness screener, provide resources and take action for prevention and recovery from a wellness dis-ease****

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Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 10.35.13
Image by Jess Bailey

Certifications & Trainings


TEA Certified: ​

  • EC- 4 

  • 4- 8th ELA 

  • K-12 ESL

  • Guidance & Counseling


Additional Certificates: 

  • Dyslexia (Wilson Language Training)

  • Mindfulness Yoga for Trauma recovery 

  • 300 Hour RYT

  • Child Life Specialist CEU

  • MA Ed | Guidance & Counseling | Angelo State University USA

  • BA w/honors | Manchester University England

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