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Session Experience 

Private Kambo Sessions are 3 hours long and they include the following:

-  A 30 minute initiation session, hosted via zoom prior to your initial ceremony. The purpose of this session is to connect and discuss setting an intention for your Kambo Ceremony. 

-  A sacred ceremony space (in my home), in which you & the space will be blessed with cleansing Sage and Palo Santo upon your arrival.

-  Opening ceremony intention and prayer

-  Sananga served to help clarify your vision and spirit (optional)

-  20 minute sit with Kambo

-  Hapé served after Kambo to support grounding your energy (optional)

-  Closing ceremony and integration with tea / juice and snacks right after receiving Kambo

-  Follow up conversation to check in on your integration. 

-  My intuitive guidance with reiki & spirit communication all utilized throughout our journey together. 

(In a private personalized session you will receive 1:1 support to help you reach greater depth in your healing and process.)

Individual Session Pricing

A 50% deposit is required to secure your appointment. 

  • 3 hour private Session exchange cost is $280

If you chose to continue your Kambo journey with me after our initial session, you can choose from one of the following packages which offer discounted rates:

  •         1 x Kambo Microdose experience with Sanaga & Hapé 1hour-90mins =  $100

  •         1 x Session for you and another person (2 people; you + 1), 3-4 Hours  = $450 

  •         3 x Session Package = $675

(A Traditional way to work with Kambo is through a Sacred Trinity, which is a total of three ceremonies held over three days. Working with Kambo in this way, invites an optimizing detox and a potent reset of all your systems - mind, body and spirit. This is especially effective with treating physical conditions and dis-ease in the body, as well as anxiety and depression.)

Kambo Group Session Pricing

  • 3-4 hours @ $165.00 each

  • 4-6 people per group

  • Join a scheduled group or contact me to form your own


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