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Mushrooms & Frogs!?

I facilitate and guide healing work with Psilocybe Cubensis, Sananga, Hape, Cacao and Kambo. I have worked with these, and other, ancient medicines for years, and I will continue to do so. There is joy in my heart as more scientific data comes forth as a catalyst for the psychedelic revolution. Ancient medicines in the modern world ~ I m here for it, for healing, for peace. 

The most important part of any journey is the integration... of any experience. I facilitate medicinal trips and most importantly, I help people digest and integrate their experience. Work with me to receive and or integrate a macro experience with plant or animal medicine. 

bicolor frog_edited.jpg


Non Psychoactive Frog Medicine, 

from the Matses Tribe. 

Certified Kambo Facilitator via Tribal Detox

(Click here to learn more about Kambo!)

Image by Hans Veth


The time is now. 

Who isn't taking functional mushrooms or magic mushrooms to aid with depression, anxiety and overall wellness?

I offer guidance, micro and macro dosing facilitation and all things integration.

Hapé & Sananga

Hape & Sananga

Legal Amazonian plant medicines to ground and heal. 

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