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With a properly trained facilitator, Kambo is a very safe treatment, however certain health conditions prevent some people from taking Kambo. As in life, some situations require special precautions. Please read the following list carefully, if you decide to work with me you will complete confidentiality paperwork as well as an application form in which you will disclose information about your health and wellness, and what you may or may not be processing. 

The following may not safely take Kambo:

  • People with serious heart problems

  • People who have had a stroke

  • People on medication for low blood pressure (this is extremely rare)

  • People who’ve had a brain hemorrhage

  • People who have aneurysms or blood clots

  • People who lack the mental capacity to make the decision to take Kambo

  • People with serious mental health problems excluding depression and anxiety

  • People undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy for 4 – 6 weeks afterward

  • People who take immune-suppressants for an organ transplant

  • Women who are pregnant or may be so

  • Women who are breast-feeding a child under 6 months old

  • People with Addison’s disease

  • People with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

  • People with current and severe Epilepsy

  • Are recovering from a major surgical procedure

  • Under 18

  • Animals

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