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"Leap and the Net will appear"

Anchored in my heart, my mission and purpose is to provide guidance and healing,

within a sacred container for you to feel safe to explore your inner world

as you say YES to yourself along this journey.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

I was born in California USA, to my Irish parents. I grew up in Merseyside England, attending HighSchool in Liverpool, and Uni in Manchester. As an adult, I have lived in many different countries and the experiences, people, communities and different cultures have all played key roles in my own healing journey and current offerings for you…

Some potent places I return too include: Colombia, Costa Rica, Kenya, Uganda, Ireland, West Texas, Austin Texas, and behind the Redwood Curtain in northern California.

Some would call me a a free spirit... I would also add that I am a collector of experiences, with a purpose to serve.

My Offerings to you.

I offer Somatic Guidance Counseling and integration work with adults, and Educational support for youth. 

My own inner healing work intentionally started in 2008... I had no idea then that the depth of 'traveling within' was so expansive, healing, and freeing.

Embarking on your healing journey is a one way ticket, and it is not all love and light. I am here to support you along your journey, as many others have done so for me. I do not know a healer or person in service to others, whom have not faced their own darkness and traumas, to be able to rise on the other side and share their healings. It takes a village, and no-one is alone (even though it can feel very lonely at times) - I invite you to buy the ticket and take the ride… traveling is always worth it.

I am here for you.

Thank you for being here!

With love, Erin Marie.

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