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Erin Marie Keigher

Anchored in my heart, my mission and purpose is to provide guidance, within a sacred healing container for you to feel safe to explore your inner world as you say YES to yourself along your healing journey. 

My Story

After spending over a decade as a middle school teacher and then a guidance counselor, I transitioned into social work and eventually started offering Somatic healing modalities privately. My path and purpose in helping others and offering guidance is my souls purpose, and as a child and young adult, it was not fully acknowledged or understood. since my early childhood days growing up in England. It was during 2020 that I started my own guidance & healing practice… all things considered with my personal inner world, and the external (and global) world around me, it was time to share my education, experiences and teachings with you. 

How it started…

I was born in Los Angeles, California USA, to Irish parents, who took the leap from bog lands and soda bread, to the land of palm trees and sandy beaches. I grew up in Merseyside England, and spent most school holidays either in Ireland or the USA. I am a traveler, a nomad, a global citizen and at 6 weeks old I took my first international trip from the west coast of the USA to the west coast of Ireland. Back then planes still had smoking sections and pagers were a popular thing, and Footloose was number 1 Hollywood box office movie… You can do the age math, although age has nothing to do with wisdom... I know I am here to support and guide you along your healing journey. 

My own inner healing work intentionally started in 2008 when I attended a 3 day personal development workshop, in which I announced my “I AM” title as Love and Inspiration; I am love and inspiration. I have traveled within and without, literally and figuratively along my healing path… and I will tell you what no-one told me, if you choose to embark on your healing journey, it is a one way ticket, and it is not all love and light. Healing and looking at yourself can be painful, dark, unnerving, with grief and loss and many wtf’s… but as unearthing as it can be,  the contrasting opposite is awaiting for your arrival… to feel peace, and to have understanding, and to embody being compassionate and curious as you learn and discern is waiting for you… and I am here to guide you along this journey, as others have done for me, and will continue to do so for me. It does take a village, and no-one is alone (even though it feels lonely at times) - I invite you to buy the ticket and take the ride… travel, it is worth it. Travel and healing are both an investment to yourself, for your wellbeing, and the wellbeing of those in your life. Life is more important than time.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

My international travels, and having lived in many different countries and cultures, have played a key role in my own healing journey. Some places I have lived and or worked with guides and medicine include: Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, East Africa, Austin TX USA, & behind the redwood curtain in Northern California USA. 

Without laying all my cards on the table (some sound advice I was once given… as well as ‘always shake the ketchup bottle’) I have had my struggles with depression, narcissistic relationships, Attachment styles, being an empath, and more… I have tried all the things; from different therapies, crystals, prayer, energy and body work, to hugging trees while simultaneously studying neuroscience within Harvard's continuing education class. I will share that I have experienced numerous types of plant medicine, having worked with indigenous and non indigenous healers and sacred medicines from all around the world, some that are (for now) illegal in the western world…  I now know what helps me along my healing journey, and supports me in connecting my body, mind and spirit for myself and with the divine. Healing is not linear, and change is constant. My offerings of Kambo, Somatic Therapy and Reiki are a result of mastering and studying these healing modalities as they personally have brought me the most profound healing,  and now I offer them to you to support and guide you along your healing journey.


I am a guide. I am a licensed counselor. I am a certified Somatic Attachment Therapist. I am a Kambo facilitator. I am an energy worker with my reiki masters certification & 300hour Dharma Yoga TT. I am a teacher & I am still learning, always, all ways. I am a collector of experiences. I am a traveler. I am a truth seeker. I am compassionate. I am an empath. I am creative. I am a bridge. I am a connector. I am grateful.

  I am here for you!

With love, Erin Marie.

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