Somatic Experiencing

Strengthening neural pathways to enhance awareness of the mind body connect.

Somatic Experiencing (SE™) is a body-oriented therapeutic model applied in multiple professions and professional settings. The work and techniques teach us to track sensations directly in the physical body and feel emotions and physical sensations that may be held there due to stuck freeze, fight and flight states. With Somatic Experiencing you are guided, with mind-body exercises, to strengthen your awareness of the physical sensations in your body, and its connection with our dialogue. Somatic Experiencing mind-body exercises may include breath work, meditation, visualization, grounding, dance, and/or sensation awareness work.


Somatic Experiencing Private 1:1 Session

60minutes Virtual or In person

1:1 Session: 1 Hour $125
1:1 Package of 4 sessions: $400


Somatic Experiencing Actors Group Workshop

How does Somatic Experiencing Support Actors?

With the ability to track your emotions on a physical level in the body, we are more available to feel and live fully in our truth… as a Meisner Actor, having this level of awareness, on a physiological embodiment level, your container of authentic presences increases - and an audience is drawn to that. The bigger and richer the container, the more an actor can act, because there is so much more to draw from.

A Two day weekend workshop

- Austin Texas

- July 23rd & 24th

- 11am-5pm each day

- $150


Acting Rehearsal