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With love & guidance, Erin Keigher

Heart Forward...

For Erin her healing journey started in 2008, after a weekend development workshop that cracked her head and heart open to what she didn't know, she didn't know. Since then her healing and wisdom expanded beyond being a School Teacher and Guidance Counselor. She has lived and traveled all over the world, even sailed across the Atlantic Ocean! She is an intentional collector of experiences within the world of plant medicines and different therapies. Her qualifications, certificates and experiences are extensive, including but not limited too: Masters in Counseling, with speciality certificates in Somatic Therapy, Attachments Styles, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Kambo facilitator and plant medicine Integration coaching.


"The Same Wind Blows on us All... It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go". 

Jim Rohn



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~ on Attachment Theory
(Fall 2022)

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With love, Erin