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Somatic Counseling

Education & Healing

For Adults and Youth.

           Virtual and In person Offerings:

- Somatic Guidance Counseling

- Kambo

- Reiki 

- Education

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"The Same Wind Blows on us All... It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go". Jim Rhon

Heart Forward with Erin

With love & guidance, Erin Keigher

At the helm of her journey within, Erin is here to guide and offer support & healing to you.

Since 2008 she has taken deep dives into different modalities of therapies, healing modalities & plant medicines that have worked and continues to work for her... these are her offerings to you. 

  • She has her Masters in Counseling, with speciality certificates in Somatic Guidance & Attachments Styles

  • Reiki Master Intuitive

  • Kambo Facilitator.

  • plant medicines and offers integration counseling.

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- Somatic Counseling
- Education
- Kambo
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Hapé & Sananga
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Erin Keigher, Kambo
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